After the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the development of educational centers has been mainly focused on the establishment of new institutions for the growing population. This is while no significant effort has been made to identify potential weaknesses and remove them.   Therefore, development programs in this sector have mostly been focused on the expansion of cultural centers rather than attending to objectives such as promoting domestic arts and identifying strategies to promote the status of culture and art in Iran.

 On the other hand, constraints such as the inability to devise new theories in Iran have limited the possibility of using global achievements in promoting Iranian art and culture. Removing these constraints demands the development of purposeful national studies. Realization of this matter is not possible through isolative individualistic approaches.  Rather, modern development requires modern methods: the systematic approach in research and production of knowledge.

 Based on this approach, NAZAR research center for art, architecture and urbanism, has started its work with the approval in principle from Islamic Republic of Iran Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in 2002 and received definite agreement with its activities from the Council of Higher Education in 2004.



  • Expanding the knowledge of Iranian artists and developing the Iranian culture
  • Producing a modern review of Iran’s national and Islamic culture and art
  • Helping the establishment of a society of experts in related fields
  • Preparing the ground for the educated class to perform their social responsibilities in the field of arts



  • Increasing publications with the aim of producing knowledge,
  • Providing news, analysis and critique on cultural activities in Iran
  • Promoting the culture of teamwork and voluntary
  • Interact with internal and external research centers in order to benefit from synergistic existing potentials and new experiences

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