Landscape and Environmental Architecture Group

Landscape is the product of the new knowledge of the cosmos by humans; an objective-subjective phenomenon that arises from the interaction of man, history and nature. New findings on the definition of “place” alongside massive changes in the disciplines of architecture and urbanism have produced new disciplines necessary for our present conditions of life. The […]

Science and History of Art Group

This group is devoted to the study of art and pursues a methodological work of research in the sciences including history, archeology, sociology, psychology and the history of religions. Its main strategy is to take into account the foundations of the culture and civilization of nations, especially in the world of the East. The compilation […]

Tourism of Culture Group

Today, the tourism industry has gained far wider dimensions than the old definitions, which instead insisted on local displacement and the remoteness of the inhabitant from his / her main place of residence. The new visions of tourism are a more in-depth cultural and relational approach, giving it a new role in the process of […]