The Nazar Research Center started its activities in 2001. Thanks to careful planning, the center was recognized as Iran’s top national research institute by the Ministry of Science in 2011. It was introduced as the top non-governmental research institute by the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) and succeeded in earning a ranking of 16 nationally in 2015. This center now consists of four research groups, a publishing center with over 40 volumes of published books, and four scientific journals, two of which are indexed in the international list of WOS. It also has an art gallery and exhibition space, and a multidisciplinary doctoral laboratory. It has long been in collaboration with international universities that offer dual PhD programs. It has a Prototype Engineering Consulting Company that carries out prototyping projects.

It also has a center for conducting specialized strategic and critical studies. This center publishes scientific letters on a daily basis. It has a long history in fundamental, developmental, and applied research initiatives.

The primary policies of the center are as follows:

  • Attending the international events,
  • Doing studies focusing on the local culture,
  • Emphasizing learning method and exploratory teaching,
  • Performing strategic studies and making scientific criticism, and
  • Building gardens and landscapes in Iran based on contemporary concepts.