Bagh-e Nazar has been indexed as an A’ ranking scientific journal by the Ministry of Science in Iran. This journal has been published by the Nazar Research Center since 2003 and indexed in reputable WOS and ISC platforms. It is currently the most read scientific journal in the field of theoretical research in ‘Art, Architecture, and Urbanism in Iran. Most of the journal’s contributors are academic scholars and PhD students who share their original and scientifically based research achievements in this journal for the first time. This journal aims at publishing the latest scientific achievements of researchers on local and international issues
.Since 2015, the complete English versions of articles have been available online to present the achievements of Iranian scholars to scientific readers all over the world. In addition to its success in the indexation of its articles in English in reputable authoritative resources, this journal has promoted the interactions between Iranian and international researchers by selecting the international editorial boards and academic reviewers.

زمینه انتشار: پژوهش‌های نظری هنر، معماری و شهرسازی
صاحب امتیاز: پژوهشکده نظر
مدیر مسئول: دکتر سیدامیر منصوری
سردبیر: دکتر احمد پوراحمد
اعضای هیئت تحریریه:

  • دکتر رضا داوری اردکانی
  • دکتر داراب دیبا
  • دکتر مهدی شیبانی
  • دکتر علی یاران
  • دکتر مجتبی انصاری
  • دکتر ناصر براتی
  • دکتر سعید حقیر
  • دکتر احمدعلی فرزین
  • دکتر ایو پورتر
  • دکتر محمد قاری‌پور
  • دکتر ژان‌ژاک ترین
  • دکتر کلود مسو
  • دکتر آن اسگارد
  • دکتر ایو لوژنبول