Even though the famous belief of ‘the Orient, the cradle of human civilization’ has been specified in numerous historical and cultural sources, there is no consensus on the concept, and its geographical boundaries are not quite clear. The most famous countries that are located in this region include Iran, the Middle East, China, and neighboring countries like India, Egypt, Asia Minor (Middle Asia), and North Africa. Living in this geographical and cultural realm known as the ‘East’ highlights the necessity of having a great grasp of its exact meaning. This has encouraged this center to publish the scientific and bilingual journal of Art and Civilization of the Orient (JACO) in 2013. Re-examining Eastern art and civilization through Eastern scholars’ and researchers’ original sources in a scientific way is the main strategy of the journal in achieving its goal. The policies of the journal include the indexation of the journal in scientific databases, extensive presence at national and international events, the presence of experts and international researchers on the editorial board, and regular publishing (in digital and print) forms in the Persian and English languages.

زمینه انتشار: علوم و تاریخ هنر سرزمین‌های شرق

صاحب امتیاز: پژوهشکده نظر
مدیر مسئول: دکتر شهره جوادی
سردبیر: دکتر آذرتاش آذرنوش

 گروه دبیران (هیئت تحریریه)

  • دکتر علاء‌الدین آذری
  • دکتر بهرام آجورلو
  • دکتر احمدعلی فرزین
  • دکتر مجید سرسنگی
  • دکتر سعید حقیر
  • دکتر الستر نورتج
  • دکتر ساندرا اوب لورن
  • دکتر ایلزده اشتورکنبوم
  • دکتر حسین یورتاش