Manzar (in Persian), which means’ Landscape/Paysage’ in English, refers to a new perception of place. This has revolutionized the concepts of design and environmental management, the city, and architectural issues. The concept of landscape as an objective-subjective entity has revolutionized the knowledge of the modern world and placed it among the main issues of ‘place and space’. This concept of landscape has been reflected by ancient Persian civilization or the ‘Persian Garden’ design. Since merging traditional Persian knowledge with new scientific concepts can be interesting to experts in this field, this journal attempts to appreciate this and reflect the ideas and achievements of international academic experts. The scientific journal of MANZAR has been published by the Nazar Research Center since 2009, in Persian-English. In 1995, it was ranked as an “A” rank journal by the Ministry of Science of Iran and has been indexed in the reputable databases of WOS and ISC since then.

زمینه انتشار: زمینه مشترک منظر با حوزه‌های هنر، محیط، شهر، معماری و میراث فرهنگی و گردشگری

صاحب امتیاز: پژوهشکده نظر
مدیر مسئول: دکتر سیدامیر منصوری
سردبیر: دکتر مهدی شیبانی

گروه دبیران (هیئت تحریریه)

  • دکتر داراب دیبا
  • دکتر احمدعلی فرزین
  • دکتر مهدی زندیه
  • دکتر برنارد لاسوس
  • دکتر ایو لوژنبول
  • دکتر ناتالی بلان
  • دکتر آنتونلا توفانو
  • دکتر سایمون بل
  • دکتر آن‌ماری بوخر