The Art and Research Gallery of Nazargah initiated its activities in 2017 and was contemporaneous with the 16th year of the Nazar Research Center for Art, Architecture, and Urbanism.

The research expertise of artists and experts in the Nazar research center has been a huge support to ‘Nazargah’, which has provided a proper platform for presenting the artistic and scientific products of different sections of this center. The art gallery, with an area of ​​200 square meters, has the technical specifications of the general art exhibition and presents the facilities of professional exhibitions under specialized management. The gallery has been used for holding exhibitions and also the ‘Art & Research’ events simultaneously.

نمایشگاههای آثار تجسمی

کارگاه‌های ملی و بین‌المللی

مطالعات راهبردی

کرسی ترویجی و نظریه‌پردازی

همایش‌های ملی و بین‌المللی

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