Publishing field: Theoretical research in art, architecture and urban planning

Concessionaire: Nazar Research Center

Director-in-charge: Dr Seyed Amir Mansouri

Editor-in-chief: Dr Ahmad Pourahmad

Internal managers: Dr Vahid Heydarnattaj, Dr Padideh Adelvand, Cima Kavakebi

Persian editor: Cima Kavakebi                             

Executive partner: Azam Boshagh

English manager: Dr Fatemeh Khozaei

Layout: Azam Boshagh

Distribution: Hamid Nazari


Editorial board

Dr.  Anne Sgard, Dr.  Yves Porter, Dr.  Mojtaba Ansari, Dr. Nasser Barati, Dr. Jean-Jacques Terrin, Dr. Shohreh Javadi, Dr.  Mohammad Khozaei

Dr. Reza Davari, Dr. Darab Diba, Dr. Mahdi Sheybani, Dr. Mohammad Gharipour, Dr. Claude Massu



[su_accordion] [su_accordion] [su_spoiler title=”More” style=”fancy”] Bagh-e Nazar is a scientific monthly journal approved by the publications commission of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in Iran that is being published by NAZAR research center from 2003 and currently, is the most active and popular scientific journal in the context of theoretical research in art, architecture and urban planning. This journal has aimed to publish the latest achievements of researchers based on scientific and documentary sources in local issues. The Bagh-e Nazar journal is published in two languages (Persian-English) and two forms (electronic and printed). The electronic version of the journal is available on site for free following its aim towards publishing and distributing knowledge. According to new plans, internationalization and inviting foreign scholar to publish their research results in Bagh-e Nazar are the major policies that have begun with the internationalization of the editorial board. Registration in the scientific indexes database and widespread performance in national and international levels following its discipline and rate of publication are amongst its considerable characteristics. [/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]

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