Publishing field: Theoretical research in art, architecture and urban planning

Concessionaire: NAZAR research center

Director-in-charge: Dr. Seyed Amir Mansouri

Editor-in-chief: Dr. Seyed Amir Mansouri

Publication manager of the research center: Padideh Adelvand

Internal managers: Dr. Ayda Aleh Hashemi, Farnoosh Poursafavi

Persian editor: Sima Kavakebi                             

English manager: Dr. Fatemeh Khozaei

Distribution: Hamid Nazari


Editorial board

Dr. Bahram Ajorloo, Dr. Fereydoun Avarzamani, Dr. Nasser Barati, Dr. Shohreh Javadi, Dr. Aliakbar Sarfaraz, Dr. Mehdi Sheibani

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Landscape, as a new science in association with the human habitat, has developed a basic evolution in design and management of the environment, city and architecture. The definition of landscape as an objective – subjective totality has created an evolution in the recognition of the modern world phenomena and thus has been in the center of topics relating to place and space. By introducing the Persian Garden to the world, the Persian civilization is one of the most ancient civilizations that has been successful in achieving this fundamental cognition of landscape. Thus integrating Iranian traditional knowledge with new scientific concepts can be attractive for pundits of this field. For this purpose the scientific journal of Manzar has been published by the research center from 2009 and has been enhanced and developed by adding English language articles from 2016 to be able to connect with non-Farsi speaking readers by using the consultations and articles of foreign experts as well as internal experts.

Explaining the concept of “landscape” as a common debate in areas of art, environment, city, architecture, tourism and cultural heritage using two strategies of latest scientific achievements and local approach and also using applied theories to resolve issues of professional areas, develop landscape architecture in universal scale, identify pure Persian landscape, make interrelationships between Iranian and international experts are its main goals.

The Manzar journal (English – Persian) is available in electronic and printed forms for researchers and also the electronic version is on the journal’s site for free following its main goal of disseminating science. Registration in the scientific indexes database and widespread performance in national and international levels following its discipline and rate of publication are amongst its considerable characteristics.   [/su_spoiler][/su_accordion]


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